Jazz VIP Event Badge Large (REPLACED)
Jazz VIP Event Badge Large (REPLACED)

Jazz VIP Event Badge Large (REPLACED)

Sponsors will appreciate the front row seats, performer meet and greet, and complimentary refreshments you have planned, especially when accessing them is a breeze. Use the Jazz VIP Event Badge Large! A glimpse of a glossy sax within a rich background creates the elegant foundation upon which voucher and concert details shine. This template’s two image upload spots offer an opportunity to showcase a special sponsor as well as your logo. 
  • Jazz VIP Event Badge Large
  • Dimensions approximately 3.7" x 8.5"
  • 2 custom image upload spots, 16 lines of customizable text
  • Lanyard slot is optional
  • Speedy order processing
  • 10% nonprofit discount
  • Matching lanyards can be added to your order
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