Speed Dating VIP Pass
Speed Dating VIP Pass

Speed Dating VIP Pass

Enchant A-listers from the moment they arrive…hand them a Speed Dating VIP Pass!  Aqua and red come together to convey the lighthearted romance of this darling design. Use its eleven available text lines to present VIP perks as well as event details.  Printed on high-quality ticket stock, this VIP pass feels luxurious in-hand and sends an upscale message. 
  • Speed Dating VIP Pass
  • Measures approximately 8.49 inches x 3.69 inches
  • Matching Event Kit
  • Low-cost custom printing
  • Matching #9 envelopes or #10 envelopes can be added to your order
Delivering champagne and other treats to special guests is easier when you can ID them! Use Eventgroove VIP passes to ensure they stand out to event staff. 

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